Privacy policy

Effective Date: June 01, 2018

The purpose of Tdaux is to provide an integrated business platform.


At TDAUX, we put your privacy at utmost importance. Our privacy policy is developed to layout the way we collect, use, store, transfer and disclose your information. Please spare some time to get informed about our privacy policy and practices. If you have any questions or concerns, please do let us know.

By using TDAUX and it’s services, you agree to our privacy policy and consent to data collection, storage, disclosure, sharing practices and usage of such information/data across TDAUX platform and it’s related products and services, either thorough our website www.tdaux.com, mobile application and/or any other variants of TDAUX.

This privacy policy abides to you even when you access any of the content either through our website, mobile application or any other services, which TDAUX provides. Such products or services can either be directly provided by TDAUX or TDAUX affiliated company or any of the TDAUX registered organization which may not be owned or controlled by TDAUX or it’s owner company ‘ENVALE Systems Private Limited’.

There are various ways you can utilize TDAUX services, for your personal or business purpose. By creating an account with TDAUX, you can create and publish information about your company, products and services offered by your organization, search for products and services offered by other organizations worldwide, upload and share data, documents or information, either with TDAUX or any other third party which may or may not be under your or TDAUX’s partner network. The purpose of such service is to provide an integrated business platform, using which you can improve the visibility, connectivity, productivity, transparency and of course, a business of your organization.

When any information or data is either collected, uploaded or shared on TDAUX, it may be used to make our services better and more efficient to help you with more relevant search results, to help you connect with other organizations and peoples, to make your business activities more smoother and transparent.

As you become part of TDAUX network by using our services, we would like to inform you about how we are using your information and how you can protect your privacy.

Accuracy & transparency an
essence of Tdaux.

Collection of Personal and Corporate Information

In order to use TDAUX products and services you can be asked to provide your personal or corporate information.

‘Personal information’ is the data that will be required to register, identify and contact the individual person. Whereas ‘Corporate Information’ is the data related and required to register your business organization with TDAUX. Such data may be related to your organization’s identity, products and services, organization’s management hierarchical structure, it’s various achievements, certifications, history, milestones, supply chain network and/or any other related information, which TDAUX requires in order to provide you more efficient business platform.

Purpose of TDAUX is to provide a transparent business platform, improving visibility, business opportunity and functionality of your organization it’s partners and of potential business. TDAUX provides you a platform where you can display your organization’s profile, it’s history & achievements, it’s products & services; at the same time it provides you an electronic platform for efficient partner management, procurement and distribution of your products/services. Accuracy and transparency of information are an essence of such platform so the more information you provide, more your organization is likely to get recognition and more you will be able to tap potential opportunities, at the same time accuracy and transparency of information/data improves visibility and trust among the business community, which in turn helps your business.

  • In order to use TDAUX and it’s services, you need to register with TDAUX, for which you can be asked to provide legal and personal information about you and your organization, in order to comply with local, national or international laws. If you opt not to provide such information, then you may not be able to register with TDAUX and you may not be able to utilize our platform and it’s services.

  • When you register or use our services, we will ask you for your personal and corporate information, such as your name, company name, it’s logo, photograph of user, address, email, phone number, credit card, bank account, industry, products or services you offered, it’s photographs/videos, information about branches and locations, infrastructure & facilities your organization may have, information about various taxation or legal IDs that your organization may posses (like information about PAN, ADHAR, VAT, Service Tax, Sales Tax, GST etc.), information about your vendors, suppliers, dealers, distributors, service providers which are part of your partner network and any other information which may be required to create your personal/corporate profile, or required by prevailing law or by the TDAUX system in order to serve you.

  • In order to serve you more efficiently and for you to utilize TDAUX at it’s best, you can be asked to provide various other information related to your organization, it’s business, it’s peoples, partners (i.e. Vendors, Dealers, Distributors etc.). You are not required to provide such information or data that we have requested, if you consider them confidential or personal to you or your organization. If you choose not to provide or disclose such information, in many cases we will not be able to provide you with our specialized products or services and you may not be able to utilize TDAUX at its utmost potential.

  • When you share your content, data, documents or information using TDAUX, with your partner organizations or outside your partner network with any other third party or company registered with TDAUX, when you send gift subscription or invite your partner organization to register with TDAUX and participate in TDAUX services, TDAUX will collect certain information about those organizations like authorized person’s name, company name, mailing address, email address, telephone number and various other information mentioned in this privacy policy. TDAUX uses this information to contact and register those organizations under your partner network in TDAUX and provide them services of TDAUX. Out of such information, some of the information can be mandatory and some of the information can be optional. You will be required to provide all mandatory information, so as to comply with the rules, compliances of TDAUX and to the law of the land, failure of which will leave us with an inability to serve you. Other optional information, you can choose to provide or not, but such opt out will affect the level and usability of our services!

Since list of Information that are mandatory or optional may change from time to time, from TDAUX subscription to subscription and from country to country, in order to make it easy for you to understand which information is mandatory and which is not, we have clearly marked all mandatory fields on each screen of TDAUX and such fields are clearly mentioned in the help section of each screen. This privacy policy automatically covers all those fields and applies to them.

Identify authorized users & protect them
against online threats.

Use of Personal and Corporate Information

TDAUX uses Personal and corporate information, primarily to provide business services through our platform, to identify authorized users and protect them and their organization against various online threats or frauds.

  • TDAUX uses certain personal information like username, password, email address, mobile number, date of birth and security questions and it’s answers to verify user identity, to determine user validity to use our services, to help you retrieve your password and authentication key in-case it is lost or forgotten, to automatically disable and prevent misuse of your account and your identity.

  • All information regarding your user identity like username, password, credit card & bank details, government issued ids like PAN, ADHAR, SSN, TIN etc. and security questions are considered as confidential personal security information, and such information are always kept in secured encrypted format and under strict access control. All security information are used by TDAUX’s system internally only and shared with or displayed to any unauthorized person or system.

  • We may use personal and corporate information to inform you about TDAUX’s products, services, announcements, updates, events and surveys. If you prefer not to receive such notifications, you may do so by updating your preference from your profile page, by sending an email to unsubscribe from mailing list or by calling our customer care centre.

  • TDAUX may contact you by email, instant messaging or any other form of communication, to inform you about your purchases, introduction of new products or services, change in terms and conditions, change in service level agreement (SLA) and policies by using your personal information. You will not be able to opt out of receiving such notices, which are necessary for us to serve you and important for TDAUX to interact with you and your organization.

  • We use and share only non-critical, personal and corporate information with other TDAUX registered users or organizations, to provide them information about your company, it’s products & services, auctions, RFQs, RFIs, Tenders, locations, branches, peoples, history, milestones, achievements, infrastructure, certifications, intellectual properties that you may list out in TDAUX.

  • By using profile management, you may put certain information or data about your company on TDAUX platform, which you may consider to be critical for your organization. Such information may include financial results, announcements from board of directors, corporate or partner network announcements, information about your company’s infrastructure or facilities etc. All such information that becomes the part of your corporate profile, are displayed and shared with other TDAUX registered organizations and their users. You may not put or publish any such information that you consider to be confidential or critical and don’t want other organization or it’s users to see, search, download or use.TDAUX provides a transparent business platform, so if you put or upload any such information or document of such nature in a public section of TDAUX, TDAUX assumes no liability towards such information and such information will be considered to be a part of public domain. TDAUX also provides a facility to share, send or publish confidential or critical information, documents or data on private basis with your partner network and/or any other company registered with TDAUX, for that please mark such listings as private and that would be displayed and shared only with the companies you choose.

  • We may use various personal information for internal purpose of research, data analysis, compliance and audit purpose, in order to improve our products, services and user experience, to comply with the law & enforcement, as may be the case from state to state and country to country.

Non-associated or Public Information.

Collection of Non-Personal Information

We may collect various non-personal information through direct user inputs, our web-services, computer software and/or by any other means of data collection. Information that can not be directly associated with any specific individual or which is of public nature, that is which is already available through any public network or domain is considered to be non-personal information. We may collect, transfer, use, share or disclose such non-personal information for any purpose.

  • Information related to your usage of our services is collected automatically. Information related to Industries, Companies, Products, Catalogues, Auctions, RFQs, Tenders, Advertises and/or any other content that you search, download, interact, participate or visit on TDAUX platform.

  • Information about your devices, operating system, information related to the hardware you are using, it’s internet protocol address, unique device identifiers and network through which you connect, TDAUX may collect such information to manage your identity and prevent online frauds.

  • Information about your computer system or device logs, events such as system activities, hardware settings, browser or engine types, it’s language, system date and time, stored cookies that can help us to serve you more better by providing you customized search, services and to prevent misuse of your account, your identity and to protect you against various online threats.

  • Location based information, that can indicate your actual location may be collected and processed when TDAUX services are accessed through location enabled devices or services. Such information may include GPS Signals sent from your device. TDAUX can use various technologies that can provide information about your current location, information provided by WIFI-devices, mobile towers or mobile devices. Such information helps us in determining your current location, which can be used to provide more localized services and for security or legal purposes.

  • TDAUX uses certain technologies to send, store and collect information to and from your computer or mobile devices. Such technologies may include use of cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, application data cache, browser web storage, server logs or device identifiers etc.

To provide better services user experiance & customized services.

Use of Non-Personal Information

TDAUX may use, store, share and analyse non-personal information for the purpose of providing better services, user experience, marketing and customization of services. Such non-personal information is considered to be of public nature.

  • TDAUX might utilize certain information, such as your industry, language, pin/zip code, area code, location, time zone, IP-Address and device identification information for customization of our service and products and to understand customer behaviour. Such information may be used, shared or processed directly by TDAUX or it’s third party service providers. Knowing your device and operating system information enables us to set up your T-Cloud, mobile application and customize our services.

  • Information collected by the use of certain technologies like cookies, pixel tags, web beacons, application data cache, browser storage etc. may be used to remember some of your personal information relating to your session, usage, preferences, location, first-name and last-name of the user, your preferred language, currency and time zone to provide you more personalized Search, Products, Auctions, Tenders, RFQs, RFIs, Advertisements, other listings and improve your overall web experience.

  • You may opt to disable cookies, location, time-zone based information and use of other such technologies through your browser settings. In such cases, TDAUX website, mobile application and other services may not work as desired and some or all of the functionalities may get hampered.

  • TDAUX may gather and store non-personal information in log files, databases or any other electronic formats, which in turn can be used to understand and analyse user behaviour, trends, administration of the site or mobile application, demographically identify the user base and provide customized services.

  • TDAUX uses certain click-through URLs, pixel tags and tracking cookies in some of the emails and web pages. We may track such click-through and pixel tags in order to gather information about user behaviour and for tracking our communications with users, which also helps us to reduce unnecessary and frequent communication. If you want not to be tracked, you can do so by avoiding clicking on links in our email communications or web pages.

There can be certain communications where we might need to combine your personal and non-personal information. In all such cases, we consider such combined information as personal information.

Disclosure and Sharing of Information

Information collected by TDAUX is govern on case to case basis for the purpose of disclosing or sharing either with TDAUX’s owner company ENVALE Systems Private Limited and it’s subsidiaries, affiliated companies, third party service providers, TDAUX registered companies and it’s users and the local or central/federal governments, law enforcement & other agencies of the user’s country, country in which TDAUX servers are hosted or ENVALE Systems Private Limited’s country of origin i.e. INDIA, or any other country where ‘ENVALE’ has branch or subsidiary company, as and when may require to comply with the law of the land.

Personal Security Information

TDAUX does not share or disclose personal security information, as mentioned above in this policy, directly with anybody or any organization. Whenever it is required to use such personal security information to provide some products or services by authorized organization other than TDAUX, TDAUX uses technologies like single sign-on, web services and other masking technologies where no-personal information is directly shared but just the result of data check and it’s authentication token is provided to other system, based on which other system is authorized to provide further services to the client. Such tokens are of temporary in nature so as to reduce the risk of misuse and protect your privacy.

Subsidiaries, Affiliates & Service Providers are bound to protect your personal information.

To Subsidiaries, Affiliates and Service Providers

TDAUX may share or disclose personal and corporate information to ENVALE and it’s subsidiaries, authorized affiliate, franchise, agent company or legal service providers for the purpose of accounting, auditing, rating, marketing, communicating with the client, extending credit, order processing, product or service delivery, managing and enhancing customer data, providing customer service, for research and surveys. ‘ENVALE’ and it’s subsidiaries are bound to protect your personal information and utilize it for business purpose only.

TDAUX also uses various analytical and other services from it’s authorized affiliated companies and service providers. TDAUX may share your personal and corporate information with such authorized companies for information processing and availing various services through them. Services like payment processing through online payment gateway, merchant account, escrow account, banking services, for issuing and verifying digital signature and digital certificates, online security like virus and malware detection services etc. TDAUX uses secured communication technologies for such communication with TDAUX’s own servers and service provider’s servers or systems.

TDAUX uses various other services from providers like internet service provider (ISP), data analysis companies, search engine services, social media platform providers like Google, Facebook, Twitter, Linked-in etc. For such services TDAUX may share limited personal and non personal information, such as your email address, mobile number, age-group, industry, search and participation history of products and services, location, IP-address and device identification number. Such information is used for online security, data analytics and aggregation or archiving purpose. All such third party service providers are obligated to protect your information and to provide back such information whenever TDAUX demands to do so.

Consider your company’s internal policies before putting
anything in public area.

To TDAUX Registered Organization

TDAUX is an integrated business platform facilitating you to conduct your business activities online, various facilities of TDAUX platform like ‘Corporate Profiling’, listing of your products and catalogues, listing of your history, achievements, milestones, certifications, organization chart, reviews and ratings of companies or it’s products, listing of branches and subsidiary companies, listing of auctions, RFQs, RFIs and Tenders are part of TDAUX’s public domain. Any information, pictures, videos, files or documents that is entered, uploaded or assigned to such public listings, becomes part of TDAUX public access area and is visible to any individual user or organization’s people who are registered with TDAUX. Some of such public domain information may also be displayed in the areas of our website or mobile application, where it is not necessary for an individual to login to see such information, e.g. Home Page of TDAUX website/s or mobile application, such information, images, videos or any other content may be displayed for the purpose of web-content display, marketing, promotion of TDAUX platform and it’s services. So whenever you put any information, data, files, documents etc. in such public areas, please consider your own company’s policies regarding such information. If your policy considers it as confidential, secret or of private in nature do not put, upload or attach such information, data, files, documents etc. in those public areas. TDAUX assumes no responsibility for such act by the user or the organization, since the whole purpose of this is to provide an open platform.

However, at the same time, TDAUX has private areas, where user can list auction, RFQ, RFI, Tender as strictly private or by invitation only basis. If you have listed your auction, RFQ, RFI, Tender as ‘Private’, ‘By invitation only’ or as ‘Participation approval required’, then information, data, files, images, videos or any kind of information that is entered or attached to such listing remains strictly private, visible and accessible only to those organizations to whom you have invited to participate, or has applied for participation and you have approved their participation. TDAUX do not use any of the information, images, videos or content entered or attached to such listings in it’s public areas like home-page or any other page. Such private listing remains strictly private and is under implementation of strict access control mechanism. As far as the access of such private listing is concern, that is who should see or participate in such private listings from the participating organization, control is given to the root or administrator user of that organization. They can, by login into TDAUX, clearly define access controls of the registered user’s of their organization. This means, they can clearly assign user/s to a particular auction, RFQ, RFI, Tender or any other listing for participation purpose. TDAUX provides same facility to Author company of the listing, it means, root or administrator of the author company can decide who should do what with their listings on TDAUX, who should create, view or manage each listing. So TDAUX provides very granular level of access control mechanism as far as any listing is concern on TDAUX, such access control is provided for public listings also.

User should take care of certain thing at this stage, if user has mixed same information, image, video, data or document in public and private listings both, then it will be considered under public domain and may get visible to other user/s or public as mentioned earlier in this policy. So user should be very careful in entering information, uploading, attaching files, image, video or any document while using any of our listing services. If you consider any of the information, files, image, video or document as of private, secured or confidential in nature, then you should not attach it to your public listings on TDAUX.

Act responsibly & as per your internal policies.

Act of the User, Employee, Contractor or People of Your Organization

TDAUX provides secured access control mechanism for all it’s listings, cloud storage and sharing. At the same time, TDAUX is not responsible for any unauthorized or unethical disclosure of your information, data, files, documents, images or videos by those authorized users of participating organizations. e.g. if Mr. A from X-Corporation is authorized to participate in one of your private auction and if Mr. A leaks, discloses, shares or publish any information related to such private auction to any third party, either by some purpose or by mistake or by any other intention, TDAUX is not responsible for such an act of Mr. A. However TDAUX has a very strict terms and conditions of usage that we implement at the highest level of compliance and TDAUX may take necessary disciplinary and/or legal actions, as decided by the management of TDAUX in such cases, if TDAUX is informed either by the Author of the listing or by the participating organization whose employee/person is involved in such an illegal act. Similarly TDAUX does not assume any responsibility of the similar illegal, unauthorized and unethical act of the employee or user of the author company of the listing, if any of the employee, contractor, user or person from your organization discloses, shares or misuses any information, files, image, video or document, which is on TDAUX’s private/public zone, either by using TDAUX services or any other services or any other means available outside TDAUX platform. TDAUX provides detailed access control mechanism, which user’s of your organization should use with proper responsibility and as per the policies, rules and regulations of your organization as well as that of TDAUX. If any of your user is indulged in such unauthorized act or conduct, your root user or administrator can disable his/her account through TDAUX’s user management system and that user will not be able to login or access any of the content further. TDAUX also provides activity log of all of your users through management pages, which your organization can use it as a proof of act for your internal purpose. TDAUX or it’s owner company or it’s subsidiary companies or affiliate companies or service provider or individual agent or authorized agencies do not consider any responsibility or liability for such an act of the user, employee, contractor or any other person of your organization.

We obey the laws of the land.

To Other Third Party Entities

TDAUX may share all or some of your personal, corporate, non-personal or any other information that it may posses regarding you, your organization or it’s users to comply with the prevailing law/s of the country of your residence, the country where ENVALE or it’s subsidiary companies operates or as may be demanded by the terms of national or international laws and it’s process. In order to obey the law, legal processes, litigation TDAUX may share such information without any restriction with such government or it’s agencies or authorities. Subject to the case of law enforcement, public interest, national or international security, we may disclose your personal and corporate details, if it is necessary to do so. We may have to disclose your personal and corporate details to government or any of its agencies, if it becomes necessary to enforce our policies, terms and conditions, to protect our business and it’s operations or our other registered user’s or organization’s businesse, operation and security. We also, may transfer, share, disclose or provide your all or partial personal or corporate details to third party, whenever it becomes necessary for our business functions to do so, like in case of mergers-acquisitions, sale, reorganization, strategic business partnership etc. In all of the above mentioned cases decision of the management and/or Governing Body of ‘ENVALE’ or it’s subsidiary companies or affiliates, for sharing or disclosing of your personal or corporate information, whoever may be the in-charge of such information will be final and abiding to you.

Strict compliances for integrity and security of your information.

Security of Information

TDAUX has a strict compliance policy regarding integrity and security of your personal and corporate information. Our website, mobile applications and other data services protects sensitive information using latest encryption technologies while storing, transporting or archiving the information. TDAUX implements limited access and need to know basis access policy in the physical or logical access of the facilities where our computer systems, servers, storage archives and other systems are housed or hosted. Wherever we utilize the service of the third party service provider for hosting and archiving purpose all personal and corporate information is stored in encrypted form.

Integrity and Maintenance of Information

TDAUX provides mechanism for you to keep your information complete, accurate and up to date either through your profile management pages, other web-pages or mobile applications. You can enter, update or manage your information anytime during your valid subscription period.


TDAUX may keep your personal, corporate or non personal information for the period necessary to serve it’s services to your organization or for the period our management considers necessary for implementation of our SLA with you or as required by law.

Third-Party Web-Sites, Applications and Services

TDAUX platform may contain links to third party websites, either through their profile pages, listings or advertisements. TDAUX may also offer products or services from them, any information entered or provided for availing of such third party products or services is regulated and governed by those third party organization, please check Privacy Policy of such third party organization and their website, mobile application or that of any other services.

Our Commitment

We are committed to the privacy and protection of your personal and corporate information. We clearly mention and communicate our privacy policy, security guidelines, compliance policy our service level agreement and our terms and conditions of usage to our employees, contractors, employees of our subsidiary companies, our affiliated companies, our agents, agencies or franchise companies and third party service providers.

We are there for you.

Contact Us

If you have any question, concern or request regarding our privacy policy and practices, please contact our compliance committee through our online contact form or by sending an email at compliance@tdaux.com or by contacting our customer support centre.

If you have a complaint about potential breach of privacy laws, please send your complaint in writing to our compliance committee at compliance@tdaux.com. After the review of your complaint, compliance committee may take appropriate action, if necessary. All your communications will be considered as confidential and appropriate replies will be given by the committee or it’s authorized person.

TDAUX may update this Privacy Policy from time to time, when such changes are approved by our compliance committee, changed privacy policy is published on our website and appropriate notice of such changes will be posted on our website and appropriate email of notice may be sent to your registered email address. We also encourage you to periodically check this Privacy Policy Page, so that you come to know what information we collect, how we use or share it and how we protect them.

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