Terms & Condition

Effective Date: June 1, 2018

Welcome to TDAUX!

TDAUX is a ‘SaaS’ (Software as a Service) based integrated business platform, comprising of various software and services, provided by ENVALE SYSTEMS PVT. LTD., INDIA, and called in hereafter in this agreement as ‘ENVALE’. The term ENVALE and TDAUX both here in represents the service provider and the platform itself. We thank you for using our platform. As with any software platform and services, certain Terms and Conditions regulate our relationship with our customers.

Our services comprise of various products and specialised services, such services may apply additional terms and requirements, in case where you use those services, terms and conditions implemented by those services becomes part of this main terms of service agreement, details of such additional terms will be available with respective product or service. Our certain products and services may associate various special policies (e.g. ‘Prohibited Items List’) over and above the terms and conditions of usage, you also agrees to any such policies associated with a particular product or service that you use. In the event of conflicts or inconsistency between this main terms of service and terms & conditions or policy associated with other respective product or services of TDAUX or it’s associated or partner platforms, of which TDAUX is using services, such as Payment Gateway, Analytic Services etc.; terms and conditions or policy of that particular product, platform or service shall prevail.

TDAUX may change, update, modify or amend this terms and conditions from time to time without any prior notification to user(s) and such amended and restated terms and conditions shall be effective immediately on posting. Normally when such changes are approved by our compliance committee, changed terms and conditions are published on our website and appropriate notice of such changes will be posted on our website and appropriate email of notice may be sent to your registered email address. We also encourage you to periodically check this Terms and Conditions Page so you remain aware of all the terms and conditions that apply for using TDAUX and it’s associated services.

By using our software platform, products, mobile applications and services you are agreeing to all such associated terms-conditions and Policies. Registered organization and all it’s user who access or use TDAUX should agree to and comply with all such associated terms-conditions and policies. Your access to TDAUX is subjective, conditional, personal, non-exclusive, nontransferable, limited and revocable, so please read them carefully.

  • Platform Usage
    • Eligibility

      Since TDAUX is offered as ‘SaaS’ and is designed to assists business users, various eligibility criteria apply under this agreement.

      • Business Organization

        Registration on TDAUX platform is provided in the name of the business organization, called here in after as ‘Registered Organization’ or ‘You’ or ‘Subscriber’ (Representing the organization and any/all of it’s users). Subscriber should be a legal entity, and should have business registration with respective legal authority of the relevant jurisdiction.

        Registering Organization should not be on the list of banned organizations by Government of India, Government of United States of America and/or United Nations.

        We do not allow the registration of such organization on our platform. We may suspend or terminated access of our services without refund, If already registered organization is added on such banned lists or if any such organization is registered with us by giving any fraudulent, wrong or misleading information and/or documents.

      • User Accounts & Actions of the User

        TDAUX provides access through user accounts to individuals of the registered organization, called here in after as ‘User’ or ‘Registered User’, user’s age and certain other restrictions applies for the use of our platform. All Registered users are considered to be legally representing their organization. All decisions and actions taken by the registered user/s are considered as the decisions and actions of the registered organization and the same is binding to the organization.

      • Age of the user

        This service is only available to individuals above 18 years of age or equivalent minimum age for company registration in the relevant jurisdiction where your business is registered. In jurisdictions where legal age for registration of business is ambiguous or not defined by law, general age of 18 years and above applies. TDAUX does not allow access to minors, in case where the business is in the name of a minor person, his/her legal guardian or representative with proper legal authority to run business and take decisions on behalf of such minor owner/director/share holder, can apply for registration through an offline process by providing all legal documents of such authoritative power. TDAUX reserves the right to register, means after legal review TDAUX may or may not register such organization depending on the case.

    • Business Activities & Participations

      Since TDAUX is a business platform, where actual buying and selling of goods and services takes place, ‘Registered Organization’ should not be involved in any illegal, fraudulent or abusive business activities or in any direct/indirect supply, purchase or facilitation of any illegal goods, material, substance or services such as drugs, arms & ammunitions etc. We maintain a list of banned items & activities on our website and from time to time review the list and makes appropriate modifications to it. If you are found to be involved in dealing of such banned items & activities, or has listed any of such banned goods, material, substance or services on TDAUX then it will be considered as a breach of this agreement and we may suspend or terminate your account without any refund and without giving any prior notice. We may refer such illegal use of our platform to respective legal authorities. In case where we suspend your account on such legal grounds this agreement is implicitly considered as terminated. TDAUX may inform or communicate the suspension or termination of your account with the reason to respective legal authorities and to our other registered organizations, in order to protect them and TDAUX from any legal risks.

      TDAUX is a platform to manage and conduct your business activities, using TDAUX you may interact with other organizations and their people, participate in their RFQ, RFI, Auction or Tenders or buy their products/services or sell them your products/services or be a partner with them as vendor, dealer, distributor, supplier, service provider under various partner categories. Any business decision or action that user take on our platform is legally binding to his/her organization. TDAUX in no way influences user’s decision and actions, user is solely responsible for, any of the liabilities or consequences arising from the business decision or action taken by him/her. All decisions and actions executed on TDAUX are user’s own and are binding to the organization that user represents. So user should act responsibly while using TDAUX and dealing with third party; user should consider business polices, procedures, compliances, due diligence, testing, quality check, sampling, documentation, paper work and other business processes and standards followed, adopted and/or practiced by his/her principal organization.

      You hereby acknowledge all implicit risks of online dealings, such risk includes but not limited to misrepresentation of facts about product or services offered, authenticity or originality of the product, inferior quality, fake or duplicate products, quality of after sales services, warranty or guarantee related issues, defective or dangerous products, delivery issues or no-delivery at all, logistics related problems, payment related issues and or any other unforeseen risks of online dealings/business. TDAUX assumes no responsibility or any liability, losses, damages or harms either legally, monetarily or by any other mans whatsoever for any of the transaction, deal, decision or action taken by the user or any consequences arising out of such actions or dealings with the third party. TDAUX is an open platform provider, acting as a facilitator, TDAUX in no way becomes a part or party to any of the transaction, deal, decision or action executed on/off this platform. So TDAUX cannot be made a part or party of any legal proceedings, procedures or disputes arising out of any of your business activities; and TDAUX cannot be considered accountable in anyway for any such liability, losses, damages, harms or consequences arising out of your business activities on TDAUX.

      User’s participation on TDAUX should be of a goodwill and trustworthy behaviour, catering to good business etiquettes. User should not use abusive language in any communication, review or blog, and should refrain from any such action, which can harm other participant/s. TDAUX reserves the right to deny, cancel, terminate or suspend services to such offender and it’s organization as a whole.

    • Authority & the Service Agreement

      TDAUX provides services to registered business organization under Service Level Agreement (SLA) or Subscription Agreement (SA), these terms of service is also a part of the SLA. Registration on TDAUX is provided in the name of the business organization and not in the name of individual person or the user, so individual registering the business should be legally associated with such business and should have the authority to register the organization and enter in to the agreement with TDAUX on behalf of the organization as a whole. If you intend to register your organization with TDAUX and are not sure about your authoritative powers, please contact the higher authorities of your organization before registering on TDAUX and get proper legal clearance. TDAUX assumes that registering user has proper legal authority and registering user needs to sign the self-declaration of authority, either by clicking on the check box in online registration form or physically signing the offline application form.

      In any case if you find that your organization is registered on TDAUX without your knowledge, please contact our legal cell by sending an email to legalcell@tdaux.com with subject line as ‘Unauthorized registration of my organization’. Our legal cell will immediately contact you for further proceedings for the removal of such registration and will assists you in identifying the responsible individuals. Since TDAUX is an online platform and it’s not possible to check the authority of each and every registering person/s, TDAUX assumes no responsibility or any liability in cases where an organization is registered illegally either by knowingly or unknowingly by any unauthorized user/s. TDUAX takes all necessary steps to prevent such activities during it’s registration process, but does not guarantee the occurrence of such incidences.

      We will take all necessary preventive actions, if such registration is brought to the notice of our legal department and we will also assists you in identification of responsible individual/s, but we will not be a party to, or be a part of any legal proceedings in such cases. Upon identifying such individual/s we may suspend, terminate, freeze or keep such account under observation as may be considered appropriate by our legal department, so as to assist you in a best possible manner to identify the responsible individual/s without their notice. According to our privacy policy we do not share any information about our users, their business and any other related information to any third party. So we do not provide any log of activities or any of their user or business related information directly to any individual or the organization. In case where registration is identified to be a fraudulent one, TDAUX may share or provide certain data or logs to respective legal authorities to comply with the law of respective jurisdiction.

    • Registration & Signup

      TDAUX is offered as a subscription based service, an organization needs to subscribe in order to utilize the platform. Subscription is provided in the name of legal entity, it can be a Proprietary/Partnership concern, Public/Private Limited company, LLP, Corporation, Non-profit organization and or any other type of legal entity. Subscription is a paid service and for a fixed period of time (Generally One Year), after expiration it needs to be renewed for uninterrupted use of the platform. Depending on the type of the subscription user gets access to various functionalities and services, for more details please check our subscription page and choose appropriate subscription for your organization.

      In order to subscribe user needs to fill up online subscription form, pay necessary subscription charges and taxes. Potential subscriber needs to provide certain information regarding the organization being subscribed and it’s authorized first user, which is refereed to here under as a ‘Root User’. Root user has fundamental access to all data, content, documents; chats and any object related to his organization, he is the supreme user of the organization and it can not be changed afterwards, so please choose your ‘Root User’ carefully. Upon successful submission of the subscription form and its payment an email with activation link will be sent to registered email address of the ‘Root User’; subscription needs to be activated by clicking on that link and providing one time activation code which will be sent to registered mobile number of the ‘Root User’. Please note that TDAUX services will be available only after the successful activation of the subscription.

      Information provided at the time of registration and there after must be accurate and correct. This includes but not limited to Name, Address, Email Addresses, Phone Numbers, Credit Card, Banking Details, PAN, GST No, ADHAR, SSN or any other legal identifications either of user/s or the organization. You should keep this information in an order and update it whenever it’s necessary by logging in TDAUX. Use of fraudulent information, document or data will result into termination of subscription with immediate effect without any kind of refund and subject to legal proceedings.

    • User Account

      You can interact and use TDAUX platform through User Account, your email address is used as a Login-ID, which provides the identification for access control and compliance purpose. Remember once created your Login-ID cannot be changed, so we advise you to use generic email addresses such as sales@xyz.com, purchase@abc.com etc. wherever possible, this will help you to cope with churning of users. However personal business emails can also be used; such as john@abc.com. For security reasons we encourage you to use your official business email accounts of your company’s domain instead of generic email accounts like Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail etc. All official communications form TDAUX will be done to your registered email address only, so you should take proper care and see that your registered email address is not compromised! If you feel that your registered email address is compromised for any reason, then immediately ask your root user to deactivate such user account on TDAUX. In case where root user’s email account is compromised, please contact TDAUX customer care immediately, so preventive measures can be taken. If your email account is compromised for any reason TDAUX holds no responsibility for any kind of loss or damage. For all security related user requests such as Forgot Password or Forgot Authorization Code; TDAUX does not send password in email or text message, two-way authentication is implemented i.e. email and text message.

    • Partner Network

      On TDAUX platform organization can create and manage it’s supply chain network, by inviting organizations in your existing supply chain or connecting with other organizations of your interest. TDAUX provides an open platform to build your partner network. Purpose of partner network is to bring entire supply chain network under one roof and facilitate business activities. TDAUX is a business facilitation platform and not a party to any partner network. User should consider their respective organization’s policies regarding vendor/partner registration, assignment of vendor/partner code and compliances related to such processes. TDAUX neither promotes any organization for more visibility nor provides any bias search results through any kind of paid services. So it’s at the sole discretion of the user to make any organization an authorized partner or not, TDAUX in no-way should be considered responsible for any right or wrong decision of the user. All disputes, gains, losses or any other kind of legalities arising out of your interaction with your partner/s are solely yours and TDAUX will not be held responsible for any such cases.

      It is expected that all member of TDAUX acts with general business ethics in dealing with other members of the platform, any kind of misbehaviour, misleading information or unethical activities by any member is unacceptable. Upon receiving complaint from member organization, TDAUX’s compliance committee will review the complaint and may take disciplinary actions, which might result in termination of subscription without any notice or refund. In such cases decision of TDAUX’s compliance committee will be considered as final and binding to all members.

    • Listing & Participation in Auction, RFQ, RFI and Tender

      TDAUX provides various online tools for procurement and distribution. You can enlist your own procurement requirements either as Auction, RFQ, RFI or Tender as per your organization’s guidelines. You can also participate in other organization’s Auction, RFQ, RFI or Tender. Such organization may be a part of your Partner Network or not. A word ‘Listing’ here in after refers to online listing of Product, Auction, RFQ, RFI or Tender. Organization listing such Product, Auction, RFQ, RFI or Tender is here in after called as ‘Author’.

      For listing your requirements, you can utilize pre-allocated listings from your subscription. If you run out of allowable listings under your subscription, you can buy sub packages of Auction, RFQ, RFI or Tender too. Please refer to List of Banned Items & Activities before conducting any listing. TDAUX reserves the right to refuse, cancel or terminate any listing at anytime without notice or refund, if we find that, any listing or activities being conducted on our platform is of illegal or fraudulent in nature, irrespective of whether it is specified/listed under List of Banned Items & Activities or not. TDAUX reserves the right to update or modify such list without notice.

      Participation rules for listing are of three types, Public (i.e. Open to All), Private By Invitation Only (i.e. Author Invites Only.) and by pre-approval only (i.e. Participant’s request needs to be pre-approved by Author). TDAUX does not impose any restrictions on participating in any public listings, however ‘Author’ of the listing has the right to refuse, decline or ban any participant at his/her own willingness in any kind of listing. Author is not bound to give any reason for such refusal.

      All biddings, quotes, information disclosures, any documents/e-forms or information shared between you and other organization on TDAUX platform by way of any bidding, quotation, information request, tendering, business messaging or document sharing becomes the rightful document of the receiver means receiver has the right to view, print or share such document or information in turn. So in case of any dispute or legalities, it is up to the sole discretion of the receiver to surrender, revert or give back such document/s, data or information. So you are advised to act cautiously before sharing any document, data or information, and refer to your company’s policy or guidelines, if you are un-clear or have any doubt then consult your lead, senior, supervisor or authorized person in your organization before sharing, bidding or taking any such actions. TDAUX assumes no liability for any such act of the user.

      Since TDAUX is a SaaS platform and provides business facilitation services, it does not influence any decision making process of it’s subscriber organization. So it’s up to the sole discretion of the author organization, either to accept, rejected or ignore any of the bidding, quotes, information or tender submission. We do not entertain any inquiry related to any kind of bidding or submission; you should directly contact the concern person in author’s organization.

    • Cloud Storage & File Sharing

      In order to facilitate business activities TDAUX provides various online tools one of them is a Cloud Storage & File Sharing. Depending on the type of subscription, each TDAUX subscriber is allocated cloud space on CLOUD Servers called T-Cloud; additional cloud space is available as sub-package, which user can buy separately.

      TDAUX provides facility to distribute/share files online through T-Cloud, as already mentioned in the above Section F, you should practice caution and obey your organization’s policy regarding file/document sharing or disclosure to third party. TDAUX assumes no responsibility for any type of document sharing on the platform by user.

    • Business Messaging System (BMS)

      Communication is a very essence and a soul of any business, TDAUX is committed to provide secured communication tool to facilitate your business. BMS is a unique platform that is designed to provide secured, transparent and transferable/portable communication facility. All communications conducted through BMS is indexed and easily searchable by authorized users. Portable means when one of the user/employee of your company leaves or has been assigned different responsibility and new person is taking over his/her responsibility, you don’t have to send entire log of communication/emails to new person, you can either assign outgoing person’s account to new incoming one, so he/she has the same access as the out going one or you can add new user and give him rights on necessary elements and in-turn he/she will be able to see the history. TDAUX provides a transparent platform, in the sense; root user has access to all objects including chats and file shares of all users.

    • User Content Accuracy & Liabilities

      Since TDAUX is a SaaS platform, user of the platform is the actual content generator, except TDAUX’s native content i.e. content created by TDAUX itself related to TDAUX as a brand or platform. Any other data, content, documents or information displayed, published, uploaded or shared by and between users is a user generated content; such content may be related to corporate profile, offered products or services, RFQ, RFI, Auction, Tender, Buying/Selling and/or any other commercial or non-commercial purpose. TDAUX is a generic platform provider, which facilitates the user to generate, publish, and share such content for the purpose of user’s corporate visibility and business activities. Since TDAUX is an open platform, TDAUX in no way checks or validates the accuracy, correctness and/or reliability of such information, data, document and/or content generated by user. It is the user who is responsible for his/her own content and its accuracy, correctness and reliability. TDAUX assumes no responsibility or any sorts of liability for user generated content it’s accuracy, correctness, accuracy or reliability. You, as a user should act wisely and perform necessary research, communication, checks and/or any other processes, which is appropriate to your business before taking any decision or entering into any transaction. We assume that as a business user you should take sound technical business decision, according to your business practices. You also acknowledge that your use, reliance and action upon any content is independently yours own and at your own risk.

      TDAUX accepts no liability or responsibility for any of your business decisions and its results from the use of such user generated content, information, data or documents. All user-generated contents are provided “as is” with no guarantee or warranty of accuracy, completeness, correctness or reliability and the results obtained from the use of such information. Similarly TDAUX assumes no liability of any kind for product/s or services listed, served or offered through the platform. In no event TDAUX shall be liable for any direct, indirect, incidental, punitive or consequential damages of any nature whatsoever with respect to such product, services, material or information.

    • Third Party Sites & Content

      As a user you may encounter links to various third party sites, these links are provided for informative and conveniency purpose only. TDAUX has no control over the content, resources, products or services provided by such sites. Such links might have been provided by TDAUX as part of the platform or might have been posted by other users of the platform; in both cases TDAUX just displays it for as reference only.

      By visiting third party sites, you are abide to ‘Terms & Condition’, ‘Privacy Policy’ and other legalities of that site, you are advised to go through their policies and legal pages in order to be aware of such policies and their implications. As a user of TDAUX, you hereby acknowledge that TDAUX has no control over third party sites and TDAUX does not monitor them and TDAUX is not be responsible or liable for your use of such third party sites, their content, products or services of such third party sites.

    • Limitation or Termination of Services

      TDAUX reserves the universal right to limit, terminate or deny full or partial access of the platform for any user(s) for any reason without notice or explanation, at it’s own discretion. TDAUX reserves the exclusive right to provide different access levels and different services to different user(s) or subscribers depending on their subscription levels or contractual agreements with TDAUX, other subscribers should not considered it as a discrimination or favouritism, such differentiation of services purely depends on TDAUX own business interests. Generally we follow standard subscription model, but we may offer different or same services at different or same pricing to different, different customers at our own discretion.

      We may, change or discontinue any of the features or services; introduce new features or services, at any time without any prior notice. It is our standard practice to take care of all effects and implications before implementing any change, but for any unforeseen reason such changes might affect your listings or business; TDAUX assumes no liability for any loss, damages or consequences arising out of such changes. You hereby acknowledge that our services are purely technical in nature and therefore certain unforeseen problems are always possible, which is beyond our control and it may affect TDAUX’s own services and functioning of your business in turn, such limitation of serviceability or outage is natural and expected.

      TDAUX withholds all access rights to it’s platform, we may temporarily or permanently terminate the subscription or user access to our platform, without any obligation or explanation for any of the following reasons or for any other reason(s).

      • If user(s) have provided any false, misleading or fraudulent information regarding his/her organization or it’s user(s).

      • If user(s) or the organization are engaged in any fraudulent or illegal activities, or any such activities which TDAUX does not approve or feels unethical in nature.

      • Any breaching of any provision of the Terms and Conditions of Service Agreement or any other policy or agreement of TDAUX.

      • Utilization of TDAUX platform or it’s services for spreading spam messages, intervening with other user’s privacy, spoofing of other user’s business or any such activities that may hamper other users and the reputation and business of TDAUX.

      • Listing products, materials, RFQ, RFI, AUCTION or Tender for illegal, unlawful activities, or for such items/products which are part of our Ban Item List or any item which we feel is not appropriate for this kind of open platform.

      • Providing misleading, misrepresenting, impersonate, unlawful use of other company/organization’s name, logo, copyrighted material, trademarks etc. in any format under any type of listings on TDAUX.

      • Any try to gain any unauthorized access, to modify or control TDUAX websites or mobile applications, APIs or data.

      In case if account is terminated for any reason, user will not have a right to re-signup or join TDAUX, any attempt to signup under Pseudo or new name or identity is subject to legal proceedings. All terminations are subject to ‘No Refund’ of any charges or subscription fees.

  • Intellectual Properties

    TDAUX is a registered trademark of ENVALE. All related domain name of TDAUX (tdaux.com, tdaux.net, tdaux.tv, tdaux.us, tdaux.co.in, tdaux.in, tdaux.mobi, tdaux.org, tdaux.asia, tdaux.io or any other related domains) are registered domains of ENVALE Systems Pvt. Ltd. ENVALE is the sole lawful owner and licensee of all rights and the content of TDAUX and it’s related domain names, sub-domains, websites and it’s contents. Content means design, layout, text, images, graphics, sound, video, data and digital information delivered, displayed or stored on TDAUX, either through website, mobile application or any other medium. Such content embody trade secrets and intellectual property rights protected under worldwide copyright, trademark, patent and other laws. All titles, ownerships and intellectual property rights of such content shall remain with TDAUX, its affiliates or licensor's of TDAUX content, as the case may be. All rights, not otherwise claimed in this agreement or by TDAUX are reserved.

    Contents of all online services, mobile application services of TDAUX are the intellectual property of TDAUX and are copyrighted and protected by the Indian and International copyright laws. TDAUX grants you non-exclusive, non-transferable access to print and download such content for your non-commercial use. You should maintain the copyright notice and any other notices that appear on such content or copies.

    User uploaded data, documents or any digital content related to his/her organization may be copyrighted, trademarked and/or patented by respective country’s law. You should assume no right to print, download or distribute such material without respective owner’s consent in writing. However you can view such content online through TDAUX platform.

    As a user of TDAUX any data, document and digital content uploaded by you are yours and this section does not impose any restriction on your use of your data. TDAUX assumes that either you are a rightful legal owner of the content or you have a legal right or authority to use, publish, upload and distribute such data, documents or content. TDAUX assumes no liability related to any intellectual property rights for any data, document or content uploaded, shared or distributed by user of TDAUX through TDAUX platform. However, upon receiving complaint from rightful owner, TDAUX will take all necessary steps to take down such data, documents or contents that is violating any intellectual property rights of the rightful owner. TDAUX may, at it’s own discretion, take disciplinary actions against the user who violates someone else’s intellectual property rights on case-to-case basis. For reporting complaints regarding any infringement please refer to our DMCA Policy.

    All data, documents or digital content uploaded by you as a part of your profile, listings of product, auction, RFQ, RFI, Tender or in any other services of TDAUX; becomes the part of TDAUX public domain unless and until marked by you as private wherever such marking is possible in TDAUX services. You agree that TDAUX is free to use, publish, store and utilize such content as may considered appropriate at it’s own discretion, either online or offline, and this agreement implicitly grants permission to use such data, document or digital content to TDAUX. For this purpose TDAUX displays generic copyright notice, as “All copyrights, trademarks, patents and intellectual properties are properties of their respective owner.” this should be considered as implicit acknowledgement of your rights on your content.

  • Limitation of Liabilities and Disclaimer

    All functionalities, features and services of TDAUX (website and mobile application) as a whole are provided on ‘As Is’ basis without warranty of any kind; either expressed, implicit or explicit. TDAUX hereby explicitly and expressly disclaims any and all warranties including but not limited to any warranties of any data, information, condition, quality, performance, accuracy, durability, reliability or merchantability related to any of it’s services for any particular purpose or in general as a whole. TDAUX makes no claims or gives any guarantee or warrantee about serviceability, usability, validity, accuracy, reliability, quality, stability, correctness, completeness of any services, information, data or documents provided through TDAUX website or mobile application.

    TDAUX is a generic platform provider and it does not advocate, favour, represent or warranty, in any format what so ever, any company or organization and their products, service or offerings of any kind. Usage of TDAUX’s services in any format is purely personal to you and so as it’s consequences; downloading, usage or sharing of any data, documents, information, contact details, product or service details through TDAUX is at your sole discretion and risk. TDAUX should not be in any way considered liable for any loss, damages either monitory or in any other format. As the user of the platform, you acknowledge that, all actions are initiate, taken and performed by you and any gain, loss or damages arising out of your action is yours, TDAUX is just a facilitator and should not be considered liable in any form for your actions.

    Online services are subject to various dependencies such as availability of communication/internet infrastructure, electric power and it’s serviceability; performance of electronic infrastructure, servers, computers, networking equipments etc. TDAUX under no circumstances shall be held liable for any delay, failure, disruption or outages of service(s), availability of content, data or information through website or mobile application as a result of direct or indirect disruption of underlying backbone services due to any reason but not limited to natural calamities, internet failures, failure of servers, computers network equipments and/or electrical power; legal or governmental actions. You hereby acknowledge these dependencies and indemnify TDAUX harmless against all losses, damages, claims and liabilities arising out of such disruptions of services and resultant disruption of your business. You also here by explicitly indemnity all affiliates, directors, employees, officers and third party service providers harmless against any kind of losses, damages, claims, liabilities and legal proceedings arising out of any above mentioned reasons, your actions or actions/claims by any third party related or affected by you or your business from direct or indirect impact of such disruptions of services.

  • Governing Laws & Jurisdiction

    Terms of this agreement and all other agreements and policies of TDAUX shall be governed by, constructed and interpreted in accordance with the laws of ‘Republic of INDIA’ and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the court of Ahmedabad, Gujarat, INDIA.

  • Grievances and it’s resolutions

    All grievances, queries or notices shall be send in writing to our grievances cell at Gujarat, INDIA.

    ‘Grievances Cell’
    305 Olive Arcade
    Nr. Shilp Cross Roads
    Off C. G. Road, Navrangpura
    Ahmedabad – 380009, INDIA.

    Alternatively you can send an email to grievances@tdaux.com.

    Our grievances cell considers every case, as unique and independent, decision of the cell will be final and binding to all parties. All communication regarding your case will be directed to registered email address of the Root User of your organization only

    Copyright © ENVALE Systems Private Limited All rights reserved.